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Could DBZ: Final Bout have been more successful on the Sega Saturn?

As many people know the Dragonball Z series has a long history of video games dating back to the early 90’s. However, one of the first 3D games within the DBZ series was Dragonball GT: Final Bout which was released as a PS1 exclusive back in 1997. Ever since the release of Dragonball GT: Final Bout the game has received mixed to negative and was not to big as far as sales was concerned. There are some who believe that Dragonball GT: Final Bout fell below their expectations in relation to be a fighting title also there were so many big titles for the PS1 in ’97 such Final Fantasy VII which overshadowed games such as this. While the quality of Dragonball GT: Final Bout was better than DBZ: Ultimate Battle which came out in ’95 there are some who believe that the game could have stood out more on the Sega Saturn during the mid 90’s.

Despite, not selling nearly as much as the PS1 the Sega Saturn was in need of major fighting games aside from Marvel vs Street Fighter which was released exclusively in Japan for that console in ’98. However, its doubtful that a Sega Saturn port would have ended up becoming more successful than the PS1 version that we got in ’97. Overall, despite having nice 3D graphics the gameplay was far off from what people were used to seeing when watch DBZ the show which is probably why Dragonball GT : Final Bout was a huge flop following its release.

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