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Would the Fable series still be around if Lionhead Studios stayed in business?

For those who grew up back in the 00’s and owned a Xbox or Xbox 360 console at the time you might be familiar with the Fable series which started back in September 2004. The Fable series was developed by British video game developer Lionhead Studios and was considered to be very popular within the Action-RPG genre of gaming during the 00’s and the early 10’s. As many people know Lionhead Studios dissolved back in 2016 which was shame because the world was looking forward to seeing a direct sequel to Fable III which was released for the Xbox 360 back in 2010. Its very likely that we will never see another Fable game ever again.

However, if Lionhead Studios did not dissolve two years ago its very likely that we would have seen a Fable IV by now. Despite, Fable III not being quite as popular as the first two games the series was still interesting and many people would have paid good money to see and play Fable IV had Lionhead Studios were still around. Its always possible that Fable IV can return through Kickstarter if enough people support it financially along with finding the right video game developers to work on making it a reality.

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