When we think about popular 2D fighting games that really missed out on being released for the Sega Saturn back in the mid 90’s DarkStalkers: The Night Warriors is one of the few titles that comes to mind. There was no question that DarkStalkers: The Night Warriors was popular in arcade centers back in the mid 90’s and despite being ported for the PS1 back in ’96 the game was arguably overshadowed by the likes of Tekken 2, Street Fighter Alpha 2 and others which were also popular fighting titles during that time period. In fact, since having DarkStalkers for the N64 was not possible in ’96 Capcom could have definitely brought the game to the Sega Saturn that year since 2D games were still popular on that particular game system.

But then again in countries like America and Europe the PS1 was way more popular than Sega Saturn on a mainstream level. In fact, if DarkStalkers appeared on the Sega Saturn instead of the PS1 the game would not have have became as popular as it did. However, seeing a Sega Saturn port of DarkStalkers: The Night Warriors between ’95-’97 would have been pretty cool back in the day.

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