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Will Virtual Reality eventually surpass mobile gaming in popularity?

As many people know Virtual Reality has been one of the many hot topics in relation game since the PlayStation VR was released back in late 2016. Ever since the release of the PlayStation VR it has managed to reach over 3 million units in sales which is actually pretty decent considering the fact that consoles such as the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch do not have Virtual Reality based features. Following its initial release back in October 2016 the PlayStation VR headset was priced at $399 which is a lot cheaper than the lines of the HTC Vice which was originally priced at $799. While the prices for Virtual Reality headsets and platforms are still expensive there are some who wonder whether or not VR itself will become more popular than mobile gaming.

As it currently stands mobile gaming will remain more popular than Virtual Reality mainly because almost everyone including children have phones in today’s society. Also, in most cases mobile gaming is less expensive then Virtual Reality platforms or headsets which are normally priced at the equivalent or higher than an actual game console such as the PS4, Xbox One or the Nintendo Switch.

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