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Should Atlus bring Catherine to the Nintendo Switch?

When many people think about popular puzzle platform games of the 10’s decade thus far one of the many titles that comes to mind is Catherine which was released by Atlus back in February 2011. Despite, the game being criticized for its high level of difficulty Catherine was a game that surpassed the expectations of many people who were fans of the puzzle-platformer genre of gaming and went on to receive numerous awards from various gaming publications following its initial release for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. Also, the cinematic cutscenes Catherine were very impressive and looked like something you would see in a actual movie.

It a well known fact that Atlus has kept some of its best games such as the Persona series on PlayStation based consoles. While seeing Catherine on the Nintendo Switch in the future would be pretty cool it seems unlikely to happen. Catherine is a game that seems like it would appeal more to young adults than it would children which is a fan base that Nintendo normally focuses on with the likes of Super Mario Odessey and Splatoon 2. Even though, its been proven that the Gamebryo Engine can run on Nintendo based consoles more specifically the Wii with titles like Epic Mickey from 2010 there is no doubt that it could definitely work on the Nintendo Switch.

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