When it comes down to underrated fighting games of the early 90’s the Art of Fighting series is one that comes to mind. Despite, not achieving the level of popularity that the Street Fighter II & Mortal Kombat series did during the early 90’s Art of Fighting I-III were very challenging fighting titles which included unique characters such as Robert Garcia, Ryo Sakazaki, Yuri Sakazaki, Mr. Big and Geese Howard. The latest game in the series Art of Fighting III was released back in 1996 exclusively in Japan in arcade centers and for the Neo Geo. Art of Fighting 3 did not appear in America until 2013 when it was made available for the Wii Virtual Console.

While Art of Fighting III is generally considered to be the least popular game of the series there are still long time fans of the series would like to see SNK develop a Art of Fighting IV. However, seeing how much the landscape of the gaming world has changed over the past 20 years its unlikely that an Art of Fighting IV game will be any more popular than the first three games that came out during the 90’s. Besides SNK has turned their attention to the King of Fighters series seeing how popular its been since 1998. The likelihood of getting another Art of Fighting games is pretty much slim to none and its highly unlikely that it will ever happen.

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