Should there have been an Actraiser game for the N64?

When we think about popular side scrolling titles for the SNES that were popular in the early 90’s that never made to the N64 games such as the Actraiser series comes to mind. The two platform city building simulation titles known as Actraiser 1 & 2 developed by Quintet are seen as underrated classics that deserved re-releases but never received them. In fact, some would argue that Actraiser 1 & 2 were both unique titles among many others from the Super NES that made people want to purchase the console itself. The reason why Quintet never decided to make an Actraiser game for the Nintendo 64 is unknown.

Bit them again it would be pretty hard to picture what an Actraiser game would look like in 3D. Also, Nintendo was starting to lose ground to Sony’s PS1 during the console wars towards the mid 90’s and having an Actraiser game for the N64 could of been disastrous. An Actraiser game for the PS1 definitely could have worked in theory. However, there were so many big titles on the PS1 during the mid to late 90’s such as Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy VII & VIII and Gran Turismo that people in countries such as Japan and America that people were far more interested in during that time period. Bringing back the Actraiser on the Game Boy Advance during the early 00’s could have turned heads especially since some popular SNES were ported to the 32 bit console during that time period.

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