Fatal Fury II (1992) vs Art of Fighting II (1994) which game was more popular?

When it comes down to SNK developed fighting games for the Neo Geo there were so many cool titles that the world got to see back in the early 90’s. Prior to the release of SNK’s best fighting gamer ever known as King of Fighters ’98 we got to see the release of titles such as Fatal Fury II and Art of Fighting II. While both titles had amazing 2D graphics along with challenging AI within their respective arcade modes it seemed like both games were overshadowed in arcade centers during the early 90’s.

It was during the early 90’s where games such as Mortal Kombat along with the Street Fighter II series started to become very popular even though the Neo Geo arcade system was always fun to play for those who preferred the Fatal Fury or Art of Fighting series. In terms of which game was more popular back in the early 90’s there are many people who are inclined to give Fatal Fury II the edge over Art of Fighting II. Fatal Fury II had more memorable characters such as Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard and Mai Shiranui and was not nearly as tough to beat as Art of Fighting II which some still complain about to this day.

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