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Does Blur deserve a direct sequel?

When it comes down to racing titles from the early 10’s that deserves a direct sequel one of the many games that instantly comes to mind is Blur. For those who do not know Blur was developed by Bizzare Creations and published by Activision and released during the Spring of 2010. Ever since it release Blur was praised for its visuals thanks to the Horizon Game Engine. Also, the gameplay for Blur was pretty and had the potential to become a rival to racing titles such as the Mario Kart series. But as many people know Bizarre Creations had become defunct back in February 2011 after it was shut down by Activision.

Despite, the game having poor sales there were definitely plans on making a sequel to Blur utilizing a new game engine. If Bizarre Creations was still around we probably would have seen Blur 2 years ago. But at the same time it seems like Activision has no interest whatsoever on making a sequel to Blur. The fan base for Blur was small and it was not much of a success on a commercial level despite being a really good racing game.

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