Should Contra: Hard Corps Uprising be ported for the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch?


As many people know the Contra series has been considered to be legendary within the gaming world since the 80’s when the very first game was released on the NES. Ever since 1987 Konami has given us thirteen different games within the Contra series within the past 30 years. The last game in the series Contra: Hard Corps Uprising was released back in 2011 for the PlayStation 3 along with the Xbox 360. Ever since its release Hard Corps Uprising has received good reviews from fans and critics alike for its anime styled graphics. However, many people would argue that the arcade mode in Hard Corps Uprising was very difficult and would only appeal to hardcore fans of the Contra series.


Either way, Contra: Hard Corps Uprising was a pretty cool game back in the early 10’s and as of right now it does not seem like we will be getting a direct sequel in the near future. But seeing Contra: Hard Corps Uprising ported for a current generation console such as the PS4 or the Nintendo Switch sounds like a great idea. However, if Konami or Arc System Works ever has any plans of bringing Contra: Hard Corps Uprising to either the PS4 or the Switch console than tweaking the the difficulty of the game would be definitely helpful for those sho hav never played the game before.

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  1. this is the only game where I curse my mouth off more, scream at the tv screen more, get really pissed off when I restart at the “unforgiving” checkpoint, throw my controller at something in frustration. and still able to keep me playing it and never want to put the controller down (after throwing it of course). (besides the rest of the contra series). I like it!

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