Is Microsoft’s New Elite Controller for the Xbox One Too Expensive?

It has recently been announced that Microsoft will be releasing a new elite controller for the Xbox One this upcoming Fall. The design for this second generation controller resembles that of the original D-Pad. The robot white Xbox One controller looks pretty cool however one of the many things that has everyone talking is the price for this new device. The price for the new Xbox One Elite Controller is $149 and keep in mind that features such as Bluetooth support along with the inclusion of a USB–C port will be absent iLife this device.

While the new Robot White Elite controller is not too different in design in comparison to the original which came out in 2015 those who currently own an Xbox One would probably argue that the price should be somewhat lower. However, since the demand for a second generation Xbox One Elite controller has be so high since 2015 having it priced at $149 does not sound like much of a big deal. For those who are interested in pickup the Robot White Xbox One Elite Controller it will be available in electronic retail stores on October 16th.

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