Yoshi’s Island (1995) vs Ristar (1995) which game was more popular?

When it comes down to popular 2D video games many people generally think of both the Super Mario series along with Sonic the Hedgehog from the 16 bit era of gaming. But aside from the main Mario series we got some cool games from Nintendo such as Yoshi’s Island which was very unique to to its childlike tone which added emotion to the title itself. Not only was Yoshi’s Island a creative 16 bit masterpiece but its was a game that players could easily get into story wise while learning about the origins of one of the biggest names in the gaming world today Mario. Since its release Yoshi’s Island has spawned a series of sequel including Yoshi’s Story which were all solid platformers but hardly comes close this 16- bit gem from 1995.

Ristar which was popular for the Sega Genesis in 1995. The colorful level designs along with the novice difficulty the game has to offer was fun for casual gamers along with those who were huge fans of the platform genre of gaming. But despite how cool Ristar was its a game that some would argue would have more success if it was released for the Genesis console a few years earlier; since 3D gaming on the PS1 was starting to become more popular around the mid 90’s. While both Yoshi’s Island and Ristar were both enjoyable platformers in the mid 90’s it would be difficult for some to choose one over the other.

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