Will we ever see DJ Hero 3?

When it comes down to big music-rhythm games of the late 00’s-early 10’s the ash Hero series was pretty popular along with likes of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. The very first Dj Hero game was published by Activision and was ported for multiple game systems including the PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2 and the Xbox 360 following its release back in 2009. The latest game in the Dj Hero 2 series was released the following year in 2010 and similar to the first game it received critical acclaim from various gaming publications. Dj Hero 2 had remixes of various different songs from artists such as deadmau5, Tiësto, David Guetta and many others which added to the replay value of the game itself.

Sometimes its hard to believe that it has been approximately eight years since Dj Hero 2 was released. While the developer for FreeStyleGames has been working on games such as Tom Clancy’s: The Division series has of late it does not seem like we will be getting a Dj Hero 3 anytime soon. However, if FreeStyle Games and Activision were to release a Dj Hero 3 in the future it would be something that would turn the heads of many people within the gaming world.

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