Simon Belmont joins Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Ever since Super Smash Bros Ultimate was announced for the Nintendo Switch a few months ago at E3 2018 many people around the world have been nothing but excited. When the news broke out regarding the inclusion of every character from previous Smash Bros games being included in the upcoming title it was something that was rather unexpected. Not too long ago more unexpected yet positive news has recently come to light regarding Super Smash Bros Ultimate. For those who have been long time fans of the Castlevania series since the 80’s you will be happy to know that Simon Belmont has been confirmed as a playable character in the upcoming multiplayer fighting game.

This will mark the first time that a Castlevania character has ever appeared in a Smash Bros game ever which is very huge. Another cool thing about Simon Belmont being apart of Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the fact that we will be a free character opposed to a DLC. There is no doubt that that Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be one of the hottest fighting tityon the Nintendo Switch this upcoming Fall.

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