Upcoming Games- Battlefield V: (2018)

For those who are huge fans of the Battlefield series you will be happy to know that Battlefield V will be available for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One during October 2018. Battlefield V is the long awaited sequel of the highly successful Battlefield IV game which was released back in 2013. Since its release Battlefield IV had managed to sell at least 7 million copies worldwide. Seeing how successful the most recent in the series has been there are many who expect Battlefield V to surpass Battlefield IV in terms of sales.

If you are into world history in general you might find Battlefield V interesting considering the fact that the setting will bring players back to World War II during early 1940’s. For those who are very eager to get their hands on Battlefield V you can pre-order the game to receive bonus such as early access to a beta version of the game, special assignments and more. For those who are interested in the standard edition of Battlefield V players can purchase it for the PS4 at places such as Amazon for $59.99. It will be interesting to see how well Battlefield V does in terms of sales within its first year.

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