There are so many titles for the Nintendo 3DS that has the potential to shine on the Nintendo Switch. One of the many titles that would nice to see on the Nintendo Switch is a tactical role playing game know as Stella Glow which was released back in 2015. While it would be cool to see Stella Glow on the Nintendo Switch it’s unlikely that it will ever happen.

One of the many reasons why Stella Glow may never appear on the Nintendo Switch is because its video game developer Imageepoch became defunct back in 2015. Its a shame because this tactical RPG seemed like it had plenty of potential to evolve into something even better.

One thought on “Should Stella Glow be remastered for the Nintendo Switch?

  1. Stella glow DEFINITELY deserves a reboot on nintendo switch, it is such an incredible game. Its 2020 and i paid $50 for another copy since I had to delete my downloaded version to make space for a new game. I had to have it forever. It’s that good.

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