One of the many games that we can look forward to this year is the upcoming rhythm title Persona 5: Dancing Star Night which will be released for the PlayStation 4 along with the PlayStation Vita in Japan sometime in May 2018. Seeing how successful Persona 4: Dancing All Night was back in 2015 it only makes sense that Atlas releases a sequel to follow it.

The interesting thing about Persona 4: Dancing All Night is that the game was that the PS4 version of the game was never released outside of Japan while the Vita version saw releases in other countries such as North America. It will be interesting to to see whether or not the PS4 version of Persona 5: Dancing All Night will eventually be released in America in 2018 or not. Since the Person 4: Dancing All Night has been in development since 2015 its mostly going to be a game that fans of the Persona series will be looking forward to for the Spring of 2018.

One thought on “Upcoming Games: Persona 5: Dancing Star Night: (2018)

  1. I honestly have a soft spot for the Persona series, particularly Persona 3 and 4, and now Persona 5. I started out with Persona 4, and am seriously looking forward to Persona 5: Dancing Star Night. It already looks to be a good game.

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