Unreal Tournament 3.jpg

Sometimes its hard to believe that been a decade since Unreal Tournament 3 was released.  Back in 2007, Unreal Tournament 3 was probably one of the hottest first person shooter games of the late 00’s following its release for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows.  Since the release of Unreal Tournament 3 many people have wondered whether or not Epic Games has any plans on bring back the first person shooter series on game consoles sometime in the future.  After all, the first person shooter genre seems just as popular as it was back in the late 00’s.  However, when it comes down to an actual sequel to Unreal Tournament 3 the closest thing that we got was the pre alpha release of the 2014 Unreal Tournament game.

Unreal Tournament 3 (2)

The Unreal Tournament game released back in 2014 was available for Microsoft Windows but there was never a console version of the game.  As of now there hasn’t really been any talk from Epic Games about a potential Unreal Tournament game for the Xbox One.  However, if Epic Games ever decides to bring back the Unreal Tournament series for either the Xbox One or the PS4 it would definitely be something that would turn heads in the gaming world.

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