Is Lumionus a better game engine than Unreal ?

Final Fantasy XV.jpg

The debate on which game engine is better in terms of quality between Luminous and Unreal 4 really various among different people.  While many people are impressed by the Unreal Engine 4 there are some who believe that Luminous looked more polished when it came down to graphics.  In fact Final Fantasy XV utilizes the Luminous game engine and because of it some would argue that the animation was better than that of the Unreal Engine 4.  When it comes down to physics and realistic graphics there are some who are inclined to argue in favor of the Luminous game engine while others might say the the Unreal Engine seems more smooth and colorful.


The idea of having a title like Final Fantasy XV with another game engine such as Unreal is very interesting.  In fact, at one point Final Fantasy XV Hajime Tabata had mentioned that consoles such as the Nintendo Switch could not fully handle the Luminous game engine which might be one of the main reasons why Final Fantasy XV has not been ported for the Nintendo Switch at all.   If Square Enix had decided to use the Unreal Engine for a potential Final Fantasy XV release for the Nintendo Switch the game itself would probably feel different to many people.  In terms of which game engine is better is something many people in the gaming world generally talk about quite often.

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