Should Final Fantasy XIII be ported for Nintendo Switch?


When Final Fantasy XIII was between released 2009-2010 many people praised various aspects of the game including the gameplay, graphics along with the story.  However, one of the main things that people questioned was the linearity of the game which arguably detracted from the quality of Final Fantasy XIII.  Despite, issues that some people had with Final Fantasy XIII it was still a pretty cool game.  Final Fantasy XIII was released for both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 but it was never ported for the Nintendo Wii.   Despite, never being ported for the Nintendo Wii many would be impressed to see both part 1 & 2 of Final Fantasy XIII on the Nintendo Switch.

final-fantasy-xiii-2-wide_1920x1080.jpgWhen it came down to sales part one Final Fantasy XIII had reportedly sold over one million units worldwide during its first day in Japan.  While the sales for the second part of Final Fantasy XIII was not high was part one during its first week it was still impressive seeing that part 2 managed to sell over two million units worldwide overall.  As impressive as the overall sales for Final Fantasy XIII 2 was the first game was more impressive since it managed to reach over five million units worldwide in terms of worldwide sales.  If both parts of Final Fantasy XIII are ported for the Nintendo Switch they would easily be RPG titles that would standout from what is already available for the hybrid console.

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