Should Mortal Kombat X have been released on the Wii-U?

Mortal Kombat X was arguably one of the most popular fighting games in 2015.  Not only did Mortal Kombat have a great story mode but it had excellent graphics, gameplay along with interspersed new characters that players became used to.  However, when Mortal Kombat X was first released it came out for the PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows along with mobile devices.  

The reason why Mortal Kombat X was never for the Nintendo Wii-U is questionable.  When it came down to sales the Wii-U was not quite as popular as theXbox One or the PS4.  Also, most of the big Wii-U games that were best sellers were family friendly games that all involved Super Mario.  Even if Mortal Kombat X was ported for the Wii-U it probably would not have done as well in sales in comparison to the PS4 and the Xbox One since both consoles had better graphics.  

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