Was Marvel vs Capcom Infinite a better game than Street Fighter V?

When it comes down to fighting games developed by Capcom we have seen countless titles that have been considered a major success for many years.  While there have been some praise and criticisms of both Marvel vs Capcom Infinite and Street Fighter V they are arguably the best fighting games that the gaming world has seen within the past three years.

However, there has been debate on which game was better in terms of graphics, gameplay and overall quality.  The cool thing about Marvel vs Capcom Infinite was the inclusion of a story which was something that was never seen in the past three preceding.  But despite how creative the story mode was fans would often complain about the roster of the game. While we did see some familiar faces such as Ryu, Morrigan, Iron Man, Captain America and even Mega Man who absent in MvC3  there were characters from X-Men that people really wanted see in the game and did not get to at all.  

Back when Street Fighter V came  in February 2016 it was criticized by fans mainly due to its premature release.  However, when Capcom started adding more content to Street Fighter V with the addition of a story mode more people were impressed by the game overall.   

In terms of quality both games were creative as far as story modes are concerned.  It will be tough to tell if the sequels for either Marvel vs Capcom Infinite or Street Fighter V will be similar or not considering the fact that the producer for both games Peter Rosas went separate ways with Capcom last month.  But terms of which game was better overall some would probably say that Street Fighter V and Marvel vs Capcom were about even in terms of quality.  

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