Upcoming Games- Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom: (2018)

NI No Kuni II is another upcoming game for the PlayStation 4 console developed by Level-5 Inc. that the world is look forward to.  This role playing title is followed by Ni no Kuni:Wrath of the White Witch which was released exclusively for the PS3 back in 2011.  This third person role playing game allows players to take control of a young king who must reclaim his kingdom after having it taken away from him.  

There are so many things about this game that are considered to be appealing as an RPG such as the visual art, open world travel along with the chibi design for the characters and the battle system where players can utilize melter attacks and magical abilities.  Fortunately, this game is set to be released shortly after New Year’s Day making this a desirable title to have in 2018.

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