Did the Nintendo Switch dominate in the console wars in 2017?

When it comes down to the console wars 2017 has been a very interesting year to say the very least.  We saw the worldwide releases of the Nintendo Switch along with the SNES Classic which were both very successful in gaming markets around the world. In fact, 2017 was probably one of tg very few years where Nintendo outshines their competitors Sony and Microsoft depending on who you ask.  

It also seems like the SNES has managed to exceed the expectations of many people as far as sales are concerned since its release in late September of 2017. While the Xbox One X has also gained a large amount of mainstream attention following its release in November 7th the PS4 has seen the release of some pretty cool games.  Also, Virtual Reality are for the PS4 is starting to increase in popularity going in 2018 along with many RPG titles for that console going into 2018.  It’s really to say whether or not Nintendo had the edge in the console wars this year or not; but its safe to say that the Switch console was probably the most talked about game system of 2017.

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