Would Game Boy have sold more during the 80’s?

There is no doubt that Game Boy and the Game Boy Color are two of the most popular handheld game systems of all time.  Most of the games that were featured on handheld game consoles including the Pokémon series, Zelda: Link’s Awakening were amazing.  The Pokémon series looked like it could have worked out well on the NES back in the 80’s considering the fact that various versions of the game such as red, blue and yellow were a major success.

When it comes down to handheld game systems Game Boy and Game Boy Color had games that like Pokémon that highly resembled the graphics of the 8 bit NES which as popular back in the 80’s.  Even though, the original Game Boy was released back in 1989, there are some who believe that the console would have sold more if it was released shortly after the NES first appeared in the summer of 1983. Even though, Game Boy had Star out with black and white graphics before Game Color was released in 1998 it still could have blown up in terms of sales back in the 80’s.  

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