Could the Legacy of Goku series have worked on the SNES?

It’s no secret that the Dragonball Z series was really back in the 90’s and still is to this day.  But when we think about some of the best DBZ games of the past some people think about the Legacy of Goku series.  While the first Legacy of Goku series received mixed reception from critics and gamers alike the second game along with Dragonball Z: Buu’s Fury were both great Action-RPG titles for Game Boy Advance.

The fact Legacy of Goku II along with Buu’s Fury were both popular games for the Game Boy Advance during the 00’s makes people wonder how it would have done for the SNES back in the 90’s.  If Nintendo had released a 32 bit home console instead of the Nintendo 64 then we probably would of saw the Legacy of Goku series a few years earlier.  However, in terms of sales the Legacy of Goku II or Buu’s Fury may no have done as well since it would haven been competing with the PS1.  

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