Would Chrono Cross have been more successful on the N64?

Chronic Cross is an RPG title that definitely does not get the type of credit that it deserves.  When the game was released for the Sony PlayStation back in 1999 it had managed to sell over 1.8 million units worldwide which was impressive.  However, Chrono Cross did not sell as much as Chrono Trigger did for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System which was released back in 1995.  While Chrono Cross did decent in terms of sales for the Sony PlayStation some people wonder if it could have done better on the Nintendo 64.

We all know about the history regarding fallout between Square Enix and Nintendo during the 90’s.  When it came down to producing video games Square Enix pushed for better visual quality with games such as Final Fantasy VII.  Nintendo’s decision to stick to gaming cartridges created problems for Square Enix leading them to work more with Sony in regards to RPG games.  If Chrono Cross was released for the N64 the quality of the game may have paled in comparison to that of the Sony PlayStation. If Chrono Cross was released for the N64 there may have been criticism about the quality of the game in terms of visuals but the N64 was seriously lacking good turn based RPG titles.  

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