Could Street Fighter have worked on the Nintendo Gamecube?

street fighter ex 2 (2)

The Street Fighter series has been very popular since the 90’s and had many games on various consoles such as Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Sony PlayStation and more.  Surprisingly, Capcom had never developed a Street Fighter game for the Nintendo 64 or the Gamecube console.  Most of the Street Fighter based titles developed by Capcom had been featured on game consoles such as PS1, PS2, Xbox 360 and more.  However, in the 00’s the fighting genre of gaming was not quite as popular as it was during the 90’s.  By the 00’s games third person shooter games such as the Grand Theft Auto series started become very popular.

While we still had other fighting games such as Tekken 4, Soul Calibur III and Mortal Kombat Deadly Allance that popular it seemed like the Street Fighter series had took a hiatus during the first half of the 00’s.  Even though, Capcom had released games such as Marvel vs Capcom 2 that featured Street Fighter characters they were featured on game systems such as Sega Dreamcast,  Xbox and PlayStation 2.  In terms of worldwide sales the PlayStation 2 version was the best  while the Xbox and the Sega Dreamcast versions paled in comparison.  If a game like Marvel vs Capcom 2 was released for Nintendo GameCube it probably would have done as well as the Xbox or Dreamcast version of the game.


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      And yes, it sucks that are no Street Fighter games on this system, much less that many fighting games on this system in general (aside from Melee, but that’s its own sub-genre). The closest we have is Capcom vs. SNK: EO.

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