Retro Gaming 00’s- Star Ocean: The Last Hope (2009)

Star Ocean the Last hope

When it comes down to JRPG games of the 00’s Star Ocean: The Last Hope was probably one of the most enjoyable role playing titles that one could play on consoles such as the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 in 2009.   One of the most interesting things about this game was the fact that the storyline took place before the original Star Ocean game which started back in the early 90’s.  This Sci-Fi themed game presents players an interesting storyline along with excellent gameplay which is easily the defining feature of this game.   The plot for this game was fascinating mainly because its setting is during the later part of this century.   Not only does Star Ocean: The Last Hope predict that there is going to be a World War 3 but also suggests that warring factions consisting of a world government known as the World Republic Federation and their global adversaries are going to be responsible for the destruction of the world.  Back when this game was first released in the late 00’s the plot may not have seemed as believable as it does right now.

Star Ocean Last Hope.jpg

Despite, how When it comes down to the in game fighting mechanics this game allows players to do almost anything they can think about.  The ability to utilize special attacks, chain combos and blindside attacks along with dodging made for great gameplay.  Also, the ability to utilize helpful items along with creating them is something that comes in handy in Star Ocean: The Last Hope.  While the gameplay for Star Ocean Last Hope great it would have been so much cooler if the game had featured some type of co-op mode to make it stand out.  However,  most JRPG titles are only single-player since players have too work on developing the members of their party along with the main character of the game Edge Maverick.

Star Ocean - The Last Hope International.jpg

Along with Edge Maverick players have the opportunity to have other characters in their party such as Lyme, Faize, Reimi and others.  The gameplay and the cinematic cutscenes for this game are both pretty cool..  Even though, this game did not sell quite as much as people thought i t would have Star Ocean: The Last Hope is an awesome JRPG game to own for anyone who is a true fan of that genre.

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