Retro Gaming- Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds: (2011)


When it comes down to crossover fighting games the Marvel vs Capcom series is probably one of the greatest of all time.   Since the year 2000 many people had been waiting for a direct sequel to Marvel vs Capcom 2.   When Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds was developed by Capcom Eighting and released in the early 10’s it was made available multiple game consoles including PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and even the PlayStation Vita.  Prior to its release in 2011 many people were excited to see the series comeback and were very anxious to see which characters was going to be featured in the game.  In terms of playable characters a majority of people were content with the roster while others would argue that the game lacked many characters that were in the previous games such as Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of Heroes, Marvel vs Street Fighter and X-Men vs Street Fighter.  While various characters from the previous games were not included in Marvel vs Capcom 3 we got to see some familiar faces such as Ryu, Captain America, Chun-Li, Iron Man, Magento, Morrigan, Akuma, Wolverine and the Hulk.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 (1).jpg

Along with seeing some familiar faces we also got to see many new ones including Deadpool, Thor, Zero, Mike Haggar, Albert Wesker, Super Skrull, C. Viper, Dante and many others.  Similar to the prequel Marvel vs Capcom 2 this game features three on three tag team action with a boss battle against Galactus in arcade.  The interesting thing about the battle with Galactus was that it was highly reminiscent the boss fights against the likes of Apocalypse and Onslaught.  With thirty plus characters to choose from players can enter arcade mode or engage in multiplayer battles with a friend or online with people around the world. During battles players can utilize various mechanics that were popular in the previous games such as assists, air combos, and super combos depending how high their “Hyper Combo Gauge” is.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 (3)

The X-Factor mode was also a new game mechanic which increased the amount of damage a player deals to their opponent within a short period time.  The only catch with the X-Factor mechanic is that players can only used it once per match.   In therms of graphics and visual presentation Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was very impressive.  Not only was the character art and design fantastic but Capcom had managed to find a proper balance between 2D gameplay and high quality 3D graphics to create a crossover title that exceeded the expectations of many people who have been waiting for a sequel to Marvel vs Capcom 2.


The original Marvel vs Capcom 3 game has done great in sales and has sold over one million units for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 since its release.   There are still some people who still play Marvel vs Capcom 3 today because the replay value of the game was high.  Despite, having a lack of offline game modes the arcade mode by itself  was enough to keep people highly entertained.  Unlocking new items such as character and stage art contributed to the fun factor of the arcade mode allowing players to complete the game with multiple characters.  Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds was without a doubt one of the best fighting games of 2011 and quite possibly the early 10’s in general.

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