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Should Nintendo Switch include live streaming features?


nintendo-switchAs many of us know live streaming is something that has become very within the gaming world .  Many people love Twitch as they often use it to chat with their friends while recording themselves as they play games online.   While Twitch has started to become very popular over the past few years it was recently announced not to long ago that Microsoft now owns Beam Streaming.  The fact that the Xbox One now has live streaming features makes Microsoft’s product a more valuable in the gaming market.  While the Nintendo Switch is hybrid console that includes many new exciting features the addition of live streaming would definitely be something many people would love to see on that game console.

Even though, Nintendo generally targets a much younger audience when it comes down to a majority of their games an online streaming feature would be something that make people want to buy the console if priced correctly.  As much as people would love to see a live streaming feature for the Nintendo Switch it seems unlikely that it will actually happen.  The fact that the Switch console will not feature streaming apps such as Netflix, Hulu or Sling Tv makes many people wonder about Nintendo plans  for the future. If Nintendo ever decide to make any updates the to the Switch in the near future will it feature streaming apps like its previous game consoles such as the Wii-U or the 3DS?

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