Retro Gaming- Marvel Ultimate Alliance: (2006)


When it comes down to Marvel games “Ultimate Alliance” was definitely a very cool title that was released in the mid 00’s.  As many people know Marvel Ultimate Alliance was developed by Raven Software & Barking Lizards and released for multiple game consoles including the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PSP, PC and Game Boy Advance.  This game had featured over one hundred different marvel characters and provided people with over  twenty different playable characters.  Marvel Ultimate Alliance featured characters such as: Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Iceman, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Storm, Wolverine and more.  This game also includes unlockable characters such as Blade, Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider, Daredevil and the Silver Surfer as well.  This top down beat em up game is probably one of the best 3D Marvel games that anyone would see for any console.  Not only does it includes many familiar characters from Marvel but it also has an interesting story where players cross paths with some of the main villains in the series Dr. Doom, Magneto, Sabretooth and Venom.

When it comes down to visual and actual gameplay some people would compare it to X-Men Legends II which was released a few years prior to Marvel Ultimate Alliance.  One of the defining features about Marvel Ultimate Alliance is the multiplayer mode in which a person can play with friends or with  characters controlled by artificial intelligence.  The multiplayer mode on this game is noticeably better than the first two X-Men Legends along with the visuals which adds to the overall appeal to the game.  Another great aspect about Marvel Ultimate Alliance is the fact that decisions made by the player affects the story along with what type of ending they will see once they complete the game which is always fun.  Along with trying to complete this game Marvel Ultimate Alliance includes some cool boss battles including the ones against the likes of Ymir, Kraken  and Galactus were the format of the gameplay changes  a little.  The button mashing sequence for attacks on giant boss characters was good way to go about things instead of making them too similar to other battles in the game.  Marvel Ultimate Alliance was a great game overall and some might argue that it was even better than the sequel which was released a few years later in 2009.  Even though, the first two Marvel Ultimate Alliance were pretty good it raises the question in many people mind on whether or not there will ever be a third game following the following the release in 2009.

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