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Retro Gaming- Contra: (1988)


When it comes down to classic run and gun titles from the 8-bit era of gaming one of the many titles that instantly comes to mind is the original Contra game that was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System during the late 80’s.  The original Contra game is generally regarded as one of the coolest run and gun games for the NES for a variety reasons.  Not only did Contra have rich level designs but it was also included single and multiplayer gameplay that would allow people to invest a considerable amount of time into learning how to play the game wisely.  Despite, how fun Contra was for the NES the game itself seemed very difficult especially if one was a beginner because there were so many ways to lose a life.

If one was a novice at Contra their best bet would be to enter the cheat code on the main menu screen before starting the game since it would grant them thirty lives in the beginning.  While entering the thirty lives cheat code would be helpful to many players in stopping the Red Falcon in Contra it probably would not reduce the level of difficulty that the game presents by much.   While the first couple of stages in the game seem tolerable in terms of difficulty Contra may seem impossible to complete around the time players get to level six especially without the cheat code.   If player somehow made it to the final boss battle at the Alien’s Lair in stage 8 they were definitely in for one of the toughest battles in the entire game.  As great as Contra was for the NES it felt like it was simply impossible to complete without cheat codes.  In fact, Contra for the NES is also regarded as one of the most difficult games to have ever been released during the 8-bit era and was arguably more challenging than its successors released for the SNES and Sega Genesis during the early 90’s.

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