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Classic Gaming- Zombie Ate My Neighbors: (1993)


When it comes down to classic games during the 16 bit era for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System there are various titles that instantly come to mind.  Zombie Ate My Neighbors was one of the few titles for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System that many people who owned the console would consider a classic.  Even though, the plot for this title was simplistic Zombie Ate My Neighbors was still a very exciting game.  The main characters include two teenagers named Zeke and Julie who are on a mission to stop Dr. Tounge who is responsible for creating all of the monsters that players must destroy throughout the game. While Zombie Ate My Neighbors can be a very fun game its also one of the most difficult run and gun titles to have ever been released during the 16 bit era.  Along with having over forty different levels the game itself included various types of monsters including werewolves, zombies and aliens. While playing Zombie Ate My Neighbors with a friend in co-op mode is helpful in trying to complete the game many people may experience a lot of difficultly getting halfway through it.

Back in the day many  NES & Super NES games were notoriously hard complete due to the amount of difficulty they  presented.  While Zombie Ate My Neighbors was considered to be challenging many people will argue that the game itself was simply impossible to beat especially if one played by themselves  Some would argue that there were too many stages in the game and that making it to level ten would be considered a great accomplishment.   The password feature in Zombie Ate My Neighbors was very helpful because it allowed players to continue making progress where they left off after losing.  If this game did not have a password feature it would be simply impossible to complete while discouraging many players from even making an attempt to finish the whole thing.  Even though, Zombie Ate My Neighbors was also released for the Sega Genesis the SNES version is arguably more superior in terms of graphics which was one of the many aspects that made it very appealing during the early 90’s.  When it comes down to run and gun games Zombie Ate My Neighbors is considered to be a classic that many would agree still holds up to this day in terms of replay value.

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