Retro Gaming 00’s- Dragon Ball Z Buu’s Fury: (2004)


When the Legacy of Goku series first started on the Game Boy Advance back in the early 00’s many people were excited about it.  While the first Legacy of Goku game was criticized by many people the second game was highly praised by fans of the Dragon Ball Z series when it was first released in 2003.  In terms of being an action RPG title Dragon ball Z the Legacy of Goku was probably one of the best games of the early 00’s   Shortly, after the release of Legacy of Goku II many people had anticipated a sequel to that game following the events of the Cell saga.  In terms of graphics & gameplay Dragon Ball Z Buu’s Fury is similar to Legacy of Goku II one of the main differences that separates this game from its prequel is the timeline.   The story for Dragon Ball Z Buu’s Fury starts at the World Tournament Saga and ends at the Kid Buu Saga.

If one was a huge fan of the Dragon Ball Z series then Buu’s Fury would be very exciting game to play for the Game Boy Advance.  Along with having cool action role playing gameplay the cutscenes in this game makes players feel like they are actually watching the animated series with 32 bit graphics.  In fact games like Dragon Ball Z Buu’s Fury and Legacy of Goku II would have been awesome if they were made for 16 bit game consoles such as the Super Nintendo back in the 90’s.   When it comes down to creating  Dragon Ball Z action RPG titles for the Game Boy Advance Webfoot Technologies were did a pretty good job in various aspects of each game including quality, soundtrack and overall gameplay.  As cool as the Legacy of Goku series was its arguable on whether or not the game is better than the Supersonic Warrior series developed by Arc System Works for the Game Boy Advance during the early 00’s.

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