Classic Gaming- Tales Of Symphonia: (2003)


When it comes down to 3D RPG titles the early 00’s was probably one of the best times to be a fan of video games during the 128 bit era.  In relation to popular RPG titles of the early 00’s one of the games that was memorable during that time period was Tales of Symphonia which was developed by Namco Tales Studio and released for multiple game consoles including the Nintendo Gamecube, PlayStation 2 and the PlayStation 3.  There were so many things about Tales of Symphonia that was cool including the visual presentation and the gaming mechanics.  Tales of Symphonia allows both single & coop gameplay where characters can earn currency following battles along with becoming more powerful through the games level up system with the use of “EX Gems”.  The plot for this game is centered around Lloyd Irving and his friend Colette who is considered to be the “Chosen One” who plays a significant role throughout the game.

Colette’s role in this game involves traveling to multiple temples along with unlocking seals around the world which is apart of her journey of regeneration to replenish Sylvarant.  The plot for the story eventually becomes more interesting when players discover that another world parallel to Sylvarant called Tethe’alla exists and that they both via for mana from one another.  Players also discover that Sylvarant and Tethe’alla were both one planet and was eventually split into two with the Eternal Sword by Mithos who is the leader of an group called Cruxis and the main antagonist in Tales of Symphonia.  Not only do players have to defeat Mithos in this game but they also have to merge both worlds using the Eternal Sword which would cause the Great Seed to be more productive in providing mana after being in a disruptive state.    Tales of Symphonia is probably one of the most underrated RPG games of the early 00’s especially for game consoles such as GameCube since Nintendo’s main focus was on mainly Mario & Zelda games.

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