Retro Gaming- Phantasy Star III Generations of Doom: (1990)


During the early 90’s there were so many interesting RPG titles that were released for various game consoles including the Sega Genesis.  While many people were familiar with the Phantasy Star series for the Mega Drive they would also that the first two games were among the best in the entire series. When Phantasy Star III: Generation of Doom was released back in 1990 it looked and felt very different from the first two games mainly because a different team of developers had worked on this title.   The plot for Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom may have felt a bit generic to some people mainly because it involved rescuing someone who is usually kidnapped by a person or an entity that is considered to be the main antagonist of the game.  In Generations of Doom the main character’s bride is kidnapped leading him to go on a journey to find her.  One of the main features that defined Phantasy III was the freedom of choice players had in terms of decision making.  Once players rescue the bride they are given an option of marrying her or another woman which ultimately determines the events later on in the game.

Some people would argue that the ripple effect of the choices made by players going into different generations was probably one of the most innovative features to be included in an RPG game.  While having the freedom of choice & alternate storylines were considered to be great features in Phantasy Star III some people may put the first two games over the third installment.  Even though,  critics may argue that Phantasy Star III was not as popular as the first two games and appeared to be dull the creators for the game had come up with some interesting concepts for this title.  Many would argue that Phantasy Star III stood out the most within its trilogy prior to the release of Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium in 1993.  When it came down to RPG titles of the 80’s and early 90’s there was so much creativity that went into many different games released on both Sega and Nintendo game consoles. While  Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom may not be considered to be among the greatest RPG titles of all time it was a game that was defined more by the concept of entering alternate timelines based on decision-making rather than just gameplay itself.

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