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Retro Games- Dragon Quest VIII: (2004)


There were so many time periods in gaming that many people have enjoyed for over the past thirty years that people enjoyed.  Sometimes its hard to decide which decade was the best in terms of gaming for some people.  But many people would agree that the 00’s was such a great time to be a fan of role playing games since they got to see high quality titles on advanced game console such as the PlayStation 2.  Along with RPG classics such as Final Fantasy series other ones that began in the 80’s such as Dragon Quest were great to see on game consoles such as the PlayStation 2.   When Dragon Quest III Journey of the Cursed King was released back in the mid 00’s there were many people impressed by visual aspects of the game itself.  Around the mid 00’s cel-shaded graphics started to become popular in 3D games because it made the game feel like a hybrid to 2D & 3D.  Along with  the visual aspects of Dragon Quest VIII the traditional turn based RPG formulat utilized in this game was something that appealed retro gamers since it felt reminiscent of the titles that were released in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  The plot for Dragon Quest VIII is interesting and focuses on a wizard named Dhoulmagus who steals the legendary scepter from the Kingdom turning both its King and Princess into animals.

Dragon Quest VIII allows people to control one of the castle guards who is a protagonist in the in order to stop Dhoulmagus plans and to restore order.  Even though, Dhoulmagus is one of the primary villains in the game he is possessed by Rhapthorne who is considered to be the main antagonist in Dragon Quest VIII.   In Dragon Quest VIII  players get to control various characters including Filthas, Yangush, Jessica and Angelo while enjoying the random real time monster battles throughout the game.  Dragon Quest VII was a popular RPG classic for the PlayStation 2 back in the mid 00’s and a fun game to play for those who were fans of the series.  But since its  initial release Dragon Quest has been re-released for mobile devices and is expected to appear for the Nintendo 3DS some time in the year 2017.  While its debatable on which Dragon Quest game is the best in the series many people can mutually agree that Journey of the Cursed King was an enjoyable title that many fans of the series are anxious to play on the Nintendo 3DS.

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