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Retro Gaming- Dragon Quest IX Sentinels Of The Starry Skies: (2009)

71562 DS_Titlesheet DQ9_USA

The mid to late 00’s was such a great time to be a fan of hand game consoles especially if one was into Nintendo DS.  While many people would argue that the handheld consoles of the early 00’s such as Game Boy Advance was far superior in terms of quality others would agree that the Nintendo DS had its share if good games as well.   When it came down to RPG titles for the Nintendo DS Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies was an enjoyable game.  Dragon Quest IX had a decent plot and  provided people with the option of multiplayer gameplay.   Those who decided to play Dragon Quest IX mostly on their own probably missed out on the multiplayer feature which may somewhat of a downer since it was one of the most exciting aspects of the game itself.  Along with having multiplayer gameplay people have the ability to customize their own hero along with playing throughout the game to discover the truth  about why their character lost all of their powers in the beginning.

When some people looked at Dragon Quest IX they were most likely impressed with how simple yet fun this game was.  Some people may argue that the gameplay in Dragon Quest IX was repetitive with seemingly outdated 32 bit graphics. However, those same qualities were among many things that made Dragon Quest IX unique especially if one lived through the 16 bit/32 bit era of gaming.  As cool as the story was for Dragon Quest IX was some people may have wondered what would the game have been like if it was made for the Nintendo Wii instead of the DS.  If Level 5 & Square Enix had decided the utilize 3D graphics for Dragon Quest IX would it have still been as successful? Those  who really loved Dragon Quest IX for the Nintendo DS would consider the game itself a classic but they would probably question themselves on whether or not it deserves a high definition remake or not.

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  1. I love DQIX. It’s not deep, especially coming after VIII’s more developed storyline, but the job system and character customization is excellent. It’s one of the few DQ games that I truly got into, having spent at least 100 hours on it.

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