Could The Kingdom Hearts Series Have Worked During The 16 Bit Era?


The Kingdom Hearts series has produced some exciting games since the early 00’s which featured some of our favorite Disney characters including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and others.   The 3D gameplay and visual presentation for many of the games in the Kingdom Hearts series were very impressive and contained basic but interesting plots that many people can easily get attached to.   As many people know Square Enix is well known for making some of the most memorable role playing games ever during the 16 bit area including Final Fantasy IV, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Illusion of Gaia and many more for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The 2D visuals and graphics for many of the RPG games for the SNES was something that highly contributed to the appeal of those titles.  Another aspect that contributed to the appeal of the older 16 bit games included the amount of creativity that went into developing them despite how limited the hard drives were for consoles released in the early 90’s compared to that of the 2000’s.  However, despite being very popular primarily as a 3D role playing we managed to get at least one 2D Kingdom Hearts title for the Game Boy Advance.

When Kingdom Hearts Chain of memories was developed by Jupiter Corporation and released in 2004 it exceeded the expectations of many people who were originally skeptical about it being made for the 32 bit handheld console known as the Game Boy Advance. The card based battle system was a very creative way of making Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories more appealing because it was something that was very innovative for an RPG game.   If Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories was released back in the early to mid 90’s it might have been more popular then it was during its release in the early 2000’s.    However, if the Kingdom Hearts series started off during the 16-bit era would the first two to three games have been similar to that of Chain of Memories? If not would the gameplay for the Kingdom Hearts series resemble titles such titles such as Final Fantasy IV or Secret of Mana?  Some might argue that if the Kingdom Hearts series started off in the 16 bit era it would be just as popular while others might disagree.  When Kingdom Hearts II was released in 2002 everything about the game was fantastic including the gameplay, soundtrack, storyline and visual presentation. If a game like Kingdom Hearts II was released for Super Nintendo in the early 90’s it most likely would have been a great RPG title but probably not to the same extent as the actual PlayStation 2 game that we got.  Overall, the Kingdom Hearts series could have been very popular during the 16 bit era but many are probably more content with the fact that it started in the 128 bit era of gaming.

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