The arcade racing classics of the 90’s were so much fun for many people who grew up during that time period.  There were so many popular arcade titles including the Outrun series that many people loved to play and had absolutely no problem spending countless quarters on in order to complete each game in its entirety.  When Sega Rally Championship had first received its arcade release in 1994 many people were impressed by the 3D graphics and visual presentation that game itself had to offer. The original Sega Rally Championship game seemed like it was ahead of its time when it was first released because 2D gameplay was still very popular during the 16-bit era.  However, when games like Sega Rally Championship was released during the early 90’s it stood as something special because it gave people an idea about what the future of gaming would look like.  After Sega Rally Championship was released in arcade centers worldwide along with being ported to various home consoles many people were eager to see what the sequel for this game would look like.

A sequel for Sega Rally Championship was eventually made in 1998 when it made its arcade debut on the Sega Model 3 arcade system.  Sega Rally 2 included both single player and multiplayer gameplay and was just as exciting as its predecessor.  As exciting as the arcade version of Sega Rally 2 was many people believe that the Dreamcast port was so much better because of the ten year championship mode which was included in the game.  Sega Rally 2 allowed players to race in many different parts of the world  including Great Britain, Monaco, Sweden, America and Japan.  Players also have the ability to choose multiple cars to race with including Toyota’s, Lancia’s, Subaru’s along with Misubishi Lancer Evolution cars.  Whether one choose to set their transmission to manual or automatic the driving experience in Sega Rally 2 was very exciting because the quality of the game itself was close to the arcade version of the game.  Around the late 90’s 3D racing games were very exciting to play for many people.  If one was a fan of the Dreamcast back in the day then Sega Rally 2 was almost the equivalent to what Gran Turismo was for the Sony PlayStation.

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