Retro Gaming 90’s- Final Fantasy Tactics: (1997)


There have been so many exciting Final Fantasy games that Square has released since its inception during the late 80’s for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  While the previous Final Fantasy games from one to seven had been judged for being average, good or even excellent  Final Fantasy Tactics was a tactical RPG that many people enjoyed.  One of the feature that instantly stood out about Final Fantasy Tactics included the isometric visuals for this game.  When Square had decided to utilize isometric style visuals for Final Fantasy Tactics it probably surprised  some people who were fans of the series but at the same time it was impressive.  In this game Square had the opportunity to try something new  with the Final Fantasy series that has been done in other 2D RPG titles such as Tactics Ogre and LandStalker.  Not only was the isometric feature of this game impressive but the pseudo 3D graphics also made Final Fantasy Tactics special. If Square had decided to make Final Fantasy Tactics purely a 3D game it may not have been as visually appealing as it was. Also, the charge time feature of this game was very interesting because it forced players to think more strategically in terms of battles.  As fun as Final Fantasy Tactics seemed at times it appeared to be very tedious during battles but the visual effects along with the animation of the game made up for it in a significant way.

Aside from the visual presentation of Final Fantasy Tactics Square had also included gameplay where players can earn experience points after completing various missions similar to many other games within the series.  Along with EXP players can also earn job points under various titles including priest,wizard, monk, lancer or even a thief. Along with having so many exciting features there were so many playable characters in Final Fantasy Tactics including Ramza, Mustadio, Galthena, Rapha,etc.  Also, Final Fantasy Tactics had included some optional characters including Cloud Strife from FFVII along with others who can be unlocked as one progressed throughout the game.  Even though, many people liked the original version of Final Fantasy Tactics some people would probably prefer the PSP remake since the visual presentation of the game is more refined.  While Final Fantasy Tactics highly differs from  FF VII & VIII some people still consider it to be a very fun game for the PS1.

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  1. As I PAL PS1 gamer with only enough money to buy second hand games I had to read magazines waxing lyrical about FFT in the 90s as it was just too expensive to import, I would also have had to buy a new US machine or chip my PAL machine. But when they released it for the PSP I was all over that, likewise the PSP release of Tactics Ogre, so when people ask about must haves for the PSP they’re both high up the list of games I mention

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