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Retro Gaming- Street Fighter EX 2: (1998)


We all remember how popular the Street Fighter series was in the 90’s and still is today. While most of the popular Street Fighter games were in 2D during the 1990’s there were also some unique titles in the series that featured 3D graphics specifically the EX series that was featured on the Sony PlayStation.  Many people were impressed by the visual presentation of the very first Street Fighter EX game which was released by Capcom in 1997.  In the following year Akira had developed a sequel to the original Street Fighter EX game which was originally released in arcade centers during 1998.  After its arcade release an updated version of the game was released for the Sony PlayStation entitled Street Fighter EX 2 Plus in 1998.  Street Fighter EX 2 had featured several popular characters from the Street Fighter II series including Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken, Guile, Zangief, Blanka and Dhalsim.  This  game also included the returns of characters of characters from the original Street Fighter EX game including Darien Mister, Garuda and Skullomania along with introducing some new people such as Sharon and Hayate.  The gameplay for Street Fighter EX 2 looks similar to the prequel but one of the interesting things about this game included the fighting mechanics.

The “Free Excel” along with the “Super Cancel” were both features that made the gameplay for EX 2 more exciting.  In fact, the excel combos in this was similar to the custom combo feature that was used in Street Fighter Alpha 2 & 3 which was also pretty cool.  Another feature about Street Fighter EX 2 is the bonus stages mostly because are different than those that many people are familiar with from the Street Fighter II series.  As opposed to breaking cars and barrels players have to complete tasks such as utilizing excel combos to knock down opponents or destroying satellites within a certain amount of time.  The arcade mode in Street Fighter EX 2 was pretty decent but one of the problems that some people had with it was the lack of endings after completing the game.  Despite, some of the things that people many felt was missing in Street Fighter EX 2  such as more game modes it was still a nice 2D game with 3D graphics. Not only were fans of the Street Fighter series graced with the release of Street Fighter EX 2 but they also got a chance to enjoy the third Alpha game in the SF series within the same year during 1998.

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