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Retro Gaming- King of Fighters ’98: (1998)


The King of Fighters series has been around since the early 90’s and is considered to be underrated by individuals who are huge fans of the fighting genre.  When King of Fighters ’98 was released for the Neo Geo and the arcade system many people were excited about a few things the game itself had included.  One of the few things that many people enjoyed about this game included the returning characters from the previous games including Kyo Kusanagi, Terry Bogard, Joe Higashi, Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia, Mai Shiranui along with others.    Along with having returning characters the team select feature for this game was fantastic because there were so many people to choose from along with the ability to choose what order they battle in.  Even though, the graphics and gameplay for King of Fighters ’98 has improved in comparison to its predecessors but some people where probably surprised that the series had remained mostly 2D.  Around the late 90’s three dimensional gaming started to get very popular but generally those type of games are featured on game consoles such as Sony PlayStation and Dreamcast.


The Neo Geo along with the Neo Geo CD generally featured high quality 2D games and if SNK wanted to develop a three dimensional KOF game they would not have been able to have been to release it for either system.  Despite, not being a three dimensional fighting game King of Fighters ’98 was a fantastic 2D title with optimal graphics and challenging gameplay.  While the multiplayer feature of King of Fighters ’98 was fun the arcade mode was also very exciting until the final boss battle against Rugal.  The boss battle with Rugal was very tough even with a team of three fighters.  However, if you were able to defeat Rugal the ending was worth the effort.  The cutscenes following Rugal’s defeat was followed by a cliffhanger ending in which he escapes.  The cliffhanger ending for the arcade mode not only added suspense but it also contributed to the anticipation that many people had for the sequel KOF 99 which was released the following year.  Generally, when it comes down to delivery the King of Fighter series has developed some of the best 2 fighting games during the 90’s.  As much as people liked King of Fighters ’98 some would argue that the game does not receive the amount recognition that it deserves.

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