Retro Gaming 90’s- Rival Schools: United By Fate: (1997)

Rival Schools is one of the many 3D fighting titles that many people enjoyed back in the mid 90’s when 3D gaming was popular.  Rival Schools: United by Fate is actually a fighting title that many people consider to be underrated.  When the game starts you have a nice anime opening that highlights some of the main characters featured in the game.

Rival Schools features at least 20 playable characters including Batsu Ichimonji, Akira Kazama, Hinata Wakaba, Daigo Kazama, and Sakura Kasugano.  This game also features 2 on 2 battles where players can switch characters between fights.  Players can also execute a variety of special moves such as vigor attacks.  Each character also have the ability to pull of air combos, tardy counters along with being able the cancel the attacks of opponents.

Some of these features were common in many fighting games during the mid to late 90’s. The mechanics for fighting games started becoming more advanced as time progressed.  There were 2D fighting titles such as the Street Fighter Alpha series and X-Men Children of the Atom that were seen as innovators if in game features such as the use of super gauges, counter attacks, and combo systems.

After Capcom released Rival Schools worldwide in 1997 many people were blown away many additional features this game included such as realistic 3D gameplay along with great BGM’s for each stage.  Rival Schools was one of the many titles that most people enjoyed for both the Arcade and Sony PlayStation.  Rival Schools: United by Fate was a fun title to play back in day and has many people thinking whether or not Capcom plans on releasing another game in the near future.

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