Retro Gaming- Injustice: Gods Among Us: (2013)

Injustice Gods Among Us

There have been many DC games that fans have enjoyed for decades involving their favorite superheroes and villains.   Injustice: Gods Among Us was published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment and developed by NetherRealm Studios  is no exception because it presents an interesting story that  immediately grabs the attention of its audience.  The story in this game starts of with the discovery that the city of Metropolis has been destroyed by who we first believed was the Joker.  While the Joker was involved with it we find out that along with destroying Metropolis that Superman had contributed to the demise of his wife Lois Lane and his kid.  Driven by overwhelming grief Superman is driven to insanity by his actions and then eliminates the Joker.  The setting for the events in this game occurs in an alternate timeline where Superman is pretty much a dictator who seeks to create a one man government to rule the earth.

Many people would argue that this version of Superman was very dangerous because despite his actions he still believed that in his own mind he was still a hero.  As one progresses throughout the game they learn more about the details concerning the Jokers role involving Superman’s actions and how the world was completely different from the original timeline.  There were also some surprising developments in the alternate timeline including the alliances Superman had formed with the likes of Lex Luthor and Doomsday.  It was also a bit shocking to see people like Nightwing work under Superman considering the fact that he was once  Batman’s apprentice who also happens to be one of the main target of Superman and his forces. In chapter three, Aquaman was disgusted by the treaty he was expected to follow under Superman’s rule and by the time you reach the fifth part of the game you discover the details concerning the Man in Steel’s action in regards to the altered timeline.

In chapter five we discover that Superman’s mind was altered when he destroyed Lois and believed that he was battling Doomsday after being drugged by the Joker.  Afterward, Superman had destroyed Green Arrow for telling him the truth about what had happened.  In chapter six we discover that Superman’s counterpart had labeled Batman as the culprit for the horrible events that occurred regarding Metropolis and wants to have him executed mainly because he was seen as the leader of the Insurgency and was a threat to his regime.  In this game Superman is clearly insane and some of his closes allies such as Lex Luthor risked his life to try and stop his rule while people like  Superman eliminates Shazam for questioning his rule.  Other interesting developments in the story included unlikely temporary alliances between enemies such as Cyborg/DeathStroke and Wonder Woman/Ares because they all realized the extent of how truly dangerous Superman’s agenda was involving the establishment of a new world order.

Superman along with the rest of his forces is ultimately stopped by his good counterpart and the Insurgency.  Injustice: Gods Among Us had everything you could ask for in a fighting game  including awesome graphics, gameplay, and cutscenes  that felt like an actual movie.   As many of us know Injustice had utilized the Unreal Engine 3 the same system used for popular titles such as Gears of War and Batman Arkham City which were both great games.   This multi-platform game had won numerous awards for “Best Fighting Game” in 2013 and was given strong reviews by multiple publications including IGN, Game Informer and GameTrailers.  As of right now many people are waiting for a sequel for Injustice: Gods Among Us which is set to be released sometime in 2017.  While we anticipate the release of Injustice 2 the question that many people will have  is whether or not it can top original.

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