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Gaming Consoles- Sony PlayStation: (1994)

We all remember how great 2D gaming was throughout the 90’s decade.  Many of us got to witness the evolution of gaming as technology became more advanced with  the release of each console.  While 2D gaming was becoming more refined in terms of graphics and gameplay the focus started to shift towards producing realistic 3D titles that would provide a fantastic experience for many people worldwide.  Around the same time period Sega Saturn made its debut in Japan in late 1994 Sony had released the orginal PlayStation console.  Even though, both consoles were originally released in 1994 they would not be made available to countries such as America and the United Kingdom until 1995. The original PlayStation system was among the few that had a huge impact on the landscape of gaming.  Since its inception the PS1 had produced many memorable titles such as: Gran Turismo I & II, Final Fantasy VII, Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories, Crash Bandicoot Warped, Spyro the Dragon, and the Tomb Raider series.

Along with inclusion of many great gaming titles the PS1 was the  first home based console to have the original Dance Dance Revolution title which was very popular in most arcade centers in the late 90’s.   The PS1 was a console that gave us a glimpse into the future of gaming.   The replay value of many PS1 games were high due to the amount of in game content included.  Also, there were various titles that contained awesome BGM with highly refined 2D gameplay or realistic 3D action.  The CPU used for the PS1 known as the R3000 was incredible because it seemed like it was ahead of its time.  When MIPS Technologies, Inc developed the R3000 in the late 80’s  it was viewed as a ground-breaking creation because of its advanced microprocessing ability along with the R2000.

As most of us know when the PS1 was released Sony utilized CD-ROM’s instead of cartridges for their games similar to Sega-CD.  It was obvious that cartridges along with other 16-bit consoles lack the capacity to produce high quality 3D gameplay.  The change in gaming media was something that was also very cool because CD-ROM’s felt more advanced.  While playing old games on cartridges was exciting in the late 80’s-early 90’s the landscape of gaming was evolving.  Even though, the N64 continued to utilize cartridges Sony decided to utilize CD-ROM’s.  Some of us know that Sony had worked on a project known as SNES-CD along with Nintendo prior to the release of The PS1.  The SNES-CD system was a console that was created to play CD-ROM’s which was never released.   After the SNES-CD console was scrapped both Sony and Nintendo went their own separate ways and released their own consoles.  The development of the Sony PlayStation produced more competition for entities such as: Sega, Nintendo, and Neo Geo.  Since its release the PS1 has sold over 102 million units worldwide prior to its discontinuation in 2005.  The best selling game on the PS1 was Gran Turismo which sold over 10 million units worldwide.  When many people think about PS1 thoughts of nostalgia comes to mind not only because it included many classic titles but the console itself helped change the landscape of gaming in mid to late 90’s.

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