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Classic Gaming- World of WarCraft: (2004)


It is almost impossible to discuss classic gaming without talking about one of the best online games of the past decade.  World of Warcraft is known by many people for being one of the top-tier online computer games of the 2000’s.  When World of Warcraft was originally released in late 2004 many people did not know what to expect in terms of gameplay and quality. Judging from the response from critics and fans alike many would agree that World of Warcraft was  an excellent sequel from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos which was released in 2002.  As many people know this game was released over eleven years ago and required four to five years of development prior to its debut.  Since World of Warcraft was released the game has received six different expansion packs including : The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor, and most recently Legion in 2015.  While most of the expansion packs where great many people argue that Wrath of the Lich King was probably the best along with the Burning Crusade being the worst depending on you talk too.


World of Warcraft includes the reoccurring protagonists known as the Alliance led by humans who feud with enemy factions such as The Burning Legion and Horde. One of the most exciting features about World of Warcraft includes the endless features this game has to offer from the characters to the various settings this game includes.  Players have the option of exploring many different continents and areas such as:  Khaz Modan, Lordaeron and many more.  While the game has included some challenging bosses since it was first released many people would agree that Archimonde was probably the most difficult opponent to defeat.  Others would speculate that Garrosh Hellscream was the toughest boss or a distant second to Archimonde.   Another great feature this game includes is the wide range of classes such as: Warriors, Rouges, Hunter, Warlock, Priest along with many others. While it is debatable among players on which class is the best some people may argue Druids, Monks, Shamans and Paladins have healing spells which is beneficial.


World of Warcraft also includes amazing features that adds realism to the game itself including the changing of seasons along with fantasy based designs.  The quality of the gameplay along with the aesthetic taste for each environment makes World of Warcraft had made this game very attractive for many gamers.  Many would argue that the fourth installment in the Warcraft series is the best since a majority of gamers still enjoy it.  Following its release World of Warcraft had received positive reviews from publications such as: Edge, Game Informer, GameSpot, and IGN scoring in the nine point bracket out of ten.  Along with winning a few VGX awards World of Warcraft had easily became one of the best selling games of the 2000’s.  Even though, World of Warcraft was released over a decade ago many people cannot deny its legendary status in the realm of online gaming which automatically makes this title  an instant classic.




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