The Good Old Days 80’s-00’s


Many  retro gamers remember how popular stores such as Blockbuster Video and Tommy K’s video were many years ago.  Stores such as Blockbuster video were very popular during the 80’s, 90s and 00’s.  It gave people the opportunity to rent or buy games or movies for a certain amount of days before returning them.  If one had bought a card for Blockbuster Video they would be eligible for certain deals in regards to different items in the store.  During the 80’s and 90’s words cannot describe the amount of joy one received before they went to Blockbuster or Tommy K’s to rent a movie or game.  As many of us know the decline of these stores mainly stems from the rise of streaming companies such as Hulu, Netflex which provides everyone with their favorite movies online or in demand.  Along with streaming companies more people generally utilize the internet to watch their favorite movies in addition to buying video games.  Different corporations such as Sony and Microsoft provide their own network  for each console where people can download retro and contemporary games.


Some people would argue that buying games online is more convenient for customers  while others would say that it puts many people out of work.   Either way, when we think about games or movies that we loved renting in the past Blockbuster video or Tommy K’s were among the few nostalgic rental stores that comes to mind.

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