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Retro Gaming-Street Fighter Alpha 3: (1998)


Street Fighter Alpha 3 is another gaming classic that was developed by Capcom in 1998.  This game had included some brand new features that separated it from its 1996 predecessor Street Fighter Alpha 2.  Street Fighter Alpha 3 had included a much larger roster and probably the biggest in the game’s  series.  One thing that is great about Street Fighter Alpha 3 is the fact than many characters throughout the game series from Street Fighter II and Alpha 2 were included.  This game had also saw the inclusion of new characters such as Karin, R. Mika,  Juni, Juli, and Cody from Final Fight.  Street Fighter Alpha 3 had also featured different soundtracks for each character which were uniquely different from the preceding games.  While the soundtrack for Street Fighter Alpha 3 varies among critics many will definitely agree that this game was more challenging than previous titles.


Street Fighter Alpha 3 had present a significantly more difficult arcade mode than its predecessors.  Also, Street Fighter Alpha 3 had included the most offline gameplay that was seen probably in any game in the series.  This game had included Dramatic battle, Survival Mode, and World Tour mode which allows players to spend hours enjoying this title.  Anyone who has played through World Tour mode knows how fun and challenging it truly is.  World Tour mode allows players to choose any character they want in order to travel around the world and fight various opponents with added stipulations.  While some opponents where easy to defeat others were difficult to a point were some players thought they were impossible to beat.  Trying to defeat a CPU controlled Ryu and M. Bison who have an unlimited super gauge was a very tough challenge.  Also, trying to defeat Evil Ryu and Shin Akuma who can be unlocked after defeating them was almost as difficult.  But once some completes World Tour mode they will feel as if they have significantly improved in mastering the game.


The gameplay for this title was probably one of the best in any Street Fighter game because it allows players to choose 3 different types of fighting modes including X-ism, A-ism, and V-ism. Street Fighter Alpha 3 had maintained most of the gameplay that was present Alpha 2 while making a few enhancements that made the game more exciting.  After its release in 1998, the game had become ported to multiple consoles such as PlayStation, Dreamcast, Gameboy Advance, etc.  While both the PlayStation and Dreamcast version of Street Fighter Alpha 3 was praised by fans gaming publications gave the slight edge to PS1.  GamePro had given the PS1 version of Street Fighter Alpha 3 a five star rating while IGN had scored between the 9.0 and 10.0 bracket.  Street Fighter Alpha 3 was probably one of the best fighting games Capcom had produced in the series and while some people may not like it as much as Alpha 2 many still regard it to be a great fighting classic.

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